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That Big, Blues guitar sound - Patrick Jordan

Creating that guitar sound on GHOST OF YOU

I used my trusty Fender Stratocaster which has made its way on to countless records now.

Using the neck pickup is generally my favourite position on a Fender Stratocaster for bluesy tones.

I run into an always on compressor for fullness on my pedal board and, then into an always on Blues Crab.

This isn't adding gain but is instead helping to shape the tone. It adds a bit of a mid EQ boost and a slight volume lift. From there it goes into my favourite pedal,

the Dumblemore.

created this pedal in a very limited run. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to get it. Its a very low drive pedal and I'm using it to push the amp a little bit harder.

From there I'm adding ambience with the final two pedals, an analog delay with a very short slap-back time, and finally a reverb (quite short and low in the mix).

All of this feeds my Fender amp and custom denim covered guitar cab. Yep that's right!!! Denim!!!

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