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GHOST OF YOU -New music release Feb 25th 2022

"GHOST OF YOU is a more down-tempo song than the previous releases from Dove Ties.

Stylistically it's a love song about heartbreak, full of Blues swagger, soulful vocals and 'all the feels." (Climbing Mountain Records)

"Dove Ties", is another musical project I've been working on, this time with Patrick Jordan. We have worked together on a few things as well as featuring on each others music, we have written and recorded a full album completely remotely ( sending files via the internet and working alone)

Dove Ties forthcoming single “GHOST OF YOU” will be released worldwide February 25th. This is a heartbreaking ballad about lost love, regret & loneliness.

Produced by Patrick Jordan & co-written with Donna Marie (Songs). Everything was recorded & written 'remotely', using instant messaging to send ideas & files. Patrick & Donna still haven't even met but have managed to create a full album together out later this year. They share lead the vocals, accompanied by a powerful musical arrangement of guitars, drums and keyboards topped off with lush backing vocals.

Pre Save GHOST OF YOU using this link

Patrick Jordan

Patrick's unique sound mixes modern day rock, blues with a hint of country and rock. He is the all rounder who can lend his talents to anything.

Patrick is a multi-instrumentalist (he's played everything on this single) and he works with many artists who hire him for his producer and mixing skills.

Head over to his facebook page to find out more and where you can hear his solo music

Donna Marie

Donna is a vocalist and story teller. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer who loves to collaborate with people.

"Writing lyrics and telling stories with Patrick is a super easy and fun process. We are looking forward to sharing more of our music with everyone"

Head over to Donnas facebook page to find out more and remember hit hit the LIKE AND FOLLOW button

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