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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I am little behind blogs and all things music related, life in the day and age of COVID19 right?

With that, Patrick Jordan and I came together during lockdown 3 and officially began writing and recording (remotely) for our new project together. We are Dove Ties and have released a single AND a B-side, all of which you can find on the facebook page >

Patrick is an exceptional multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, musician, singer and producer and is busy with his own solo work as well as producing and mixing for many other artists. I too have a number of projects on the go as well as my solo music BUT it's a joy working with Patrick. I am hoping this year we can make music together in the same room at some point.

As Dove Ties, we have a FULL ALBUM already written, recorded and most is mixed and ready to go so and we will be releasing a few more singles, followed by the album. Exciting stuff.

Be sure to follow Paddy on his socials and pre-save his music releases >

You can of course do the same for myself >

In the meantime, check out DOVE TIES music >

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