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Broken Hearted - Duet with Patrick Jordan

You may or may not have come across the superb musical works of Patrick Jordan.

Paddy and I have never met, never had a phone conversation and only work completely remotely.

2019 Patrick placed a post on his instagram stories asking if any female vocalists would be willing to record some harmonies for him. We were following each other on instagram, (musical circles and all that jazz) and I was in the midst of recording a bunch of remote vocals for another producer and so I offered to do this for him.

Patrick sent a snippet of his track with a rough idea of what he wanted and the whole thing was done, edited and sent to him within an hour. It was a nice way to finish the days jobs and a pleasure to work on. What struck me about Patricks music was the depth of his voice and how well everything was put together.

Patrick released this song (YOU) along with the rest of his album AND he featured another extremely talented group called LINENRAY who hail from Nasvhille Tennessee.

You can find more about Patrick Jordan via his facebook page >

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