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Recording: Our Team

Recording and working from home is something I've done for many many years. This is also known as online recording/remote recording session.


  • Send me an mp3/wav of your track

  • Lyrics and any notes/styles

  • References to other songs but try and be specific where you can as this helps the whole process. 

  • I ask for minimum 50% deposit to be paid before the session begins either bank transfer or I accept via PAYPAL

  • I will start to record the parts you require and then when complete, send you an mp3 of the arrangement for you to record your vocals to. You will send me the vocals (dry and no EQ or compression and un-altered recorded with -12/-9db headroom ( for best results)

  • The remaining amount will be paid in full using PayPal or bank transfer, then you will receive the separate tracks via WeTransfer to be downloaded within 7 days.

  • Prices for additional harmonies/Backing vocals start from £50​ per track (vocal session fee)

I will send a standard contract over with the details and you will send it back to me completed and agreed to, this is to protect both you and I so there is no grey areas and is completely upfront. 

If you would like to discuss your project email me on donnamariesongs @ gmail . com


Basic Package (demo package)

  • Tracks start at £280 per day (9 hour session that will be broke up into 3 hour blocks) to complete your project. This includes instrument tracking (rhythm guitar- acoustic/electric, keyboard, bass guitar) where needed, midi and audio production through to stereo mix-down.

Any work over the 9 hours demo package will be charged at £30 p/h and will be agreed to prior to any further being done.

  • If you require other musicians I can help to source these for you as part of the package but please note other musicians prices are additional to the demo package fee and may vary depending on your requirements. You will pay them directly before work is undertaken.

  • To discuss your project, send me your details with as much information as possible and I will arrange a call with you to further discuss your needs.


  • Gibson J35

  • Martin DRS1

  • Gretsch Rancher ​

     (Nashville high strung)


  • Gretsch Tennessee Rose

  • Fender Stratacaster​

  • Fender Telecaster

  • Godin Montreal Premiere


  • Fender Squire Jazz

  • Fender Squire Bariton Jazzmaster


  • MacBook Pro Logic Pro X

  • Mac Mini ProTools 10

  • Universal Audio Duo

  • Solid State Logic SSL2

  • Waves Pluggins (various)

  • ADK TL Condensor Mic

  • Aston Mics ELEMENT

  • SE Electronics GM10, H1 (X2)

  • SHURE SM58 beta​​


  • Yamaha TH10-C

  • Thomas Blug AMP ONE (100w valve)

  • Thomas Plug BLUEBOX

  • DWJ custom CAROLINE 15Valve


  • Roland 

  • Yamaha

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