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"One of the UK's finest songwriters that's for sure


"Skillful vocals splendidly balance vulnerability and conviction

to impactfully convey lyrics about a solitary existence.

The slow-burning arrangement brilliantly mirrors a long journey" 


“ I also love that Donna's voice sounds as if she is singing

the song right next to you and not through a mic. 

A perfect example of less is more."


“There is something warm and soothing in her voice

that I need as my passenger


Donna Marie has a very warm and soothing voice, and these tracks are produced perfectly to highlight her vocals over the backing instrumentation.  Donna Marie is also a very talented writer, writing songs that you want to listen to, with themes that everyone can understand and relate to.  You don’t just listen to her songs, you feel them.


Acoustic Sessions, Volume 2. A captivating five-song collection emphasizes fine melodies and piercing lyrics. Intricate vocals remarkably explore complex relationships. Single Pity Party is a standout. An essential listen EP

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