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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I wanted to give a shout out to my pals Sarah Yeo, Victoria Mills and Geoff Meads and special thanks to DC Brown.

A very quick rundown of how TS&SC came about......

I think it was Geoff who initially said we should do something together during lockdown (one), perhaps a one off online gig. I'd met Geoff & Victoria (Tennessee Twin) a few times at various shows but never met or spoken to Sarah before, although I had heard her voice and her music and thought She was fantastic. We collectively had a bit of a chat online and I suggested that perhaps we should 'theme' the online gigs so that it would be easier to know what we were doing and so THE SONGS & STORIES COLLECTIVE was born. We did out first online gig and we all decided we should continue for as long as it was fun. After a few of these gigs, I think it was Sarah who's idea was to not only perform a cover and an original song but that we should also theme that. It forced us all to write new material around a specific subject.

Knowing how talented everyone was I suggested we should record a cover song together, just for fun so we organised that all remotely (more on that in another blog)

We are certainly friends for life and I am absolutely looking forward to collectively meeting up for a social when we are able.

That's the quick highlight.......

Huge thanks as always DCBrown for his commitment to helping independent artists on the scene including of course THE SONGS & STORIES COLLECTIVE where Danny puts a whole lot of time and effort into this and clearly has a love for undiscovered talent.

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