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The Royal Albert Hall

It was beyond a pleasure to perform here.

I received a text message back in late September 2020, I was out shopping (not really shopping but holding bags for my niece). I was feeling a little claustrophobic in the shop so decided to wait outside when I checked my phone. The date was set and it was THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. I will say this, there were tears of elation and joy as this was the dream venue !

Unfortunately the first date was pushed because we all went back into full lockdown in the UK. The second date moved for the same reason but third time lucky.

We (the band) got together for a rehearsal and run through and it felt like it always did, great !

The show itself was magical, when the lights went down and we began our first number we were all grinning from ear to ear and so happy to be on not only any stage but WOW what a stage !

I just wanna point out that there is a whole team behind this. The shlwrunners, the crew and everyone involved at the venue. Without them these shows wouldn't happen. It's been incredibly tough for everyone but this industry has been totally left fend for itself.

Huge thanks to the band, it's always a pleasure to grace the stage with each of you.

This was my first view of the stage

Band rehearsal

My office for the evening

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