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Recording vocals on GHOST OF YOU - Donna Marie

How to created that sound and tone while recording at home.

I've been recording in a home set up for longer than I care to mention and i've learned a lot along the way.

I'll talk a little about the technical side of things shortly, but the mechanics of recording vocals isn't just all about tools and equipment, it's about creating an environment where I can relax and sing to my hearts content.

Making sure I have enough time to work on lead vocals, particularly if it's a brand new song that i am still learning how to voice from a singing perspective.

I do like to work on my own during recording sessions as i get very self conscious these days.

One of the most important pieces of kit for me is the SE Electronics Reflection Filter (pro)

It helps to eliminate unwanted frequencies that may be bouncing around the room you are recording in.

My microphone of choice (and i've tried many over the years) is the now discontinued and pretty rare Large condenser microphone ADK TL model It suits my vocal tone and is very versatile, having tried it in a pro studio years ago I hunted one down second hand for £100 ON ebay !!!!

I have a few Pre-amp options. During the beginning of the first pandemic I purchased a brand new product to market by SSL. It's a fantastic piece of kit and absolutely recommend this to anyone in the market for an inexpensive audio card SSL2

I recently purchased a tasty compressor unit based on the UA 1176 you can see it here

I use this to control record in levels and adds a little more characteristics to the tone

Universal audio Apollo Twin is my main recording preamp and i love how versatile it is. It's preamps are very quiet and warm without being coloured. I 100% recommend these, they are a little more expensive than some other options out there but it's total quality for everything !

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