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New solo music 2022

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

During the National Lockdown in England (all three of far) writing and recording music kept me busy, that and lots of local walks.

Walking alone, with music playing in my headphones or no music at all, just being in the fresh air really helped me get through it all. It also gave me space to write lyrics in my phone, song idea which spawned full songs.

I've recorded some of these songs and i am delighted to say there will be more solo music out this year.

PIC @ Andy Darbyshire

There will be a solo EP along with an original song released from The Songs & Stories Collective

& music from my duo/band with Patrick Jordan DOVE TIES.

Watch this space !

Keep an eye out for LIVE SHOW DATES and you can also catch me on tour with 'A Country Night in Nashville"

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