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Made on the road - it started with a coffee and a chat

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse I am sure we all feel that from time to time but when it works in a positive way it can be a great way to collaborate with other like minded people. Made on the road, the brainchild of George Holliday is an adventure and story you will want to know about and you can read all about George and his in his converted studio/live-in bus via his website (

George and I first touched base via social media some time ago. I thought what he was doing was really interesting so when we were able, we met up when he was passing through the North-west. We only had a few hours together to break the ice and try and write a song.

It all started on his bus with a coffee and a chat.

I had no specific ideas (which is usually my preference when writing with a new collaborator) and wanted a story/subject matter to naturally develop. Thankfully it did very quickly as we only had a few hours to write and record a working demo before George headed back to Brighton. We talked a bit about Georges musical background and some of my own journey and we wrote 'THAT'S ALRIGHT WITH ME'.

I found it a bit of a challenge writing with George in a very positive way. He pushed me and my 'go to' melodic comfornt zones and to think a little differently (George had done his homework and listened to a bunch of my previously released songs)

George, he's easy to talk to, understands songwriting and more importantly what it is to be a producer. It's not just about hitting the record button or working on a song arrangement it's about getting the best out of the artist. It's not easy to do but both producer and artist need to remain open and listen to one another and considering we did this all in the space of a few hours I am proud of what we achieved.



We also worked remotely. I had the basics of the demo that we recorded on his bus and George sent his PIANO file over to me so that I could record my own parts. George particularly loved the sound of my Gretsch Tennessee Rose guitar so it was important to include those parts within the production. Knowing that George was an extremely talented musician I set about recording a full arrangement, mostly for my own enjoyment and not expecting the parts to be used. I played Bass, Electric and acoustic guitar parts and asked my friend Justin Johnson to record some drum parts. I layered the vocals including loads of harmonies and sent everything to George.Having too much of something is better than not enough, that way there would be plenty to pick from and I'm delighted to say George used all of what was sent and created a wonderful production and mix of the final song. His use of hammond and piano parts worked wonderfully with what we wrote together and the whole production just worked effortlessly.

You can stream THAT'S ALRIGHT WITH ME here


Please do check out George and all of the artists on the album. It's truly superb

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