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Humble & Kind

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The Songs & Stories collective recorded a song together, well not together as it was all done remotely during LOCKDOWN 1, then the parts were emailed back and fourth. We haven't officially released this song but recorded this purely for the love of the song and the artist who wrote it (LORI MCKENNA) -

It took a few weeks of sending files back and fourth but it was an absolute pleasure to work on something with not only talented and experienced artsts but folks that appreciate how much time and effort goes into putting the pieces together.

You can download the song FREE by clicking the picture below.

NB we do not own this song, only the recording of this version, it's purely for fun and we hope you enjoy it.

Song written by Lori McKenna

Vocals Sarah Yeo, Victoria Mills, Geoff Meads & Donna-Marie (Songs)

Acoustic guitar Sarah Yeo

Keyboard Victoria Mills

Electric guitar Geoff Meads

Bass Guitar Donna-Marie (Songs)

Song mixed by Donna Marie (Songs)

Video edited by Geoff Meads

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