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Dominic Halpin & The Hurricanes

Dominic is the leader of a number of bands and the leader of THE HURRICANES. Not only does he write and record his own music but he has travelled the world performing his craft.

I first met Dominic back in 2016 while He was putting a band together for a new venture in the form of a theatre show. I was pretty busy working with various artists on the singer/songwriter/Country music scene as well as solo shows. I was on a small tour with Thornehill and during the show in liverpool Parr street STUDIO 2, both Dominic and Stuart Little (Handshake LTD) came to the show to see myself and guitarists Scott German perform. It's safe to say they enjoyed the whole band and the evening.

I was ofered the job in this new venture and I was excited for the opportunity.

After months of hard work and rehearsals, narrowing down possible songs and cementing the final band we played out first show to a completely sold out crowd at THE KING GRAND THEATRE, Glasgow. It was a wonderful evening and so 'A COUNTRY NIGHT IN NASHVILLE' was official. The show has gone from strength to strength with a few band member changes until of course the Pandemic hit.

It's been wonderful to share the stage with whole band and the crew are wonderful. In fact one of the lighting engineers 'Ant' and I actually studied Music technology together many years ago (it certainly is a small world)

Here's hoping we all get to do this again some day soon


Take a look at Dominic's website to find out about his musical journey.


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