The final song release of the year

As a singer-songwriter my goal is to release my own creations. The term 'COVER VERSION' can sometimes be seen as a 'dirty word' amongst fellow artists but I whole heartedly disagree. We learn our craft from listening to other musicians and bands and it influences our own style. With that in mind my thoughts have always been that if I was going to release a cover version of someone else song then it would have to be completely different to the original.

NOTHING EVER HAPPENS, a song that is absolutely timeless and originally released by Scottish band DEL AMITRI in December 1989. 

 Music has always been my companion in life and it's been comforting to be able to still create music during very difficult times. I cannot tour, I  cannot gig BUT I CAN make music and release it on my own terms.

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Broken Hearted is a rip roaring, blues driven duet with provocative lyrics and raunchy vocals showcasing skillfully crafted music, inspired by some of the Blues greats like Clapton, Beck & Moore with a twist of Alt-Country.

Patrick & Donna started to collaborate online after Patrick put a post out on instagram for female backing vocals on his single YOU and although they didn't know each other Donna sent her backing vocals via email which spawned a number of online collaborations. The natural progression was to work on a full song together. Patrick sent the instrumental idea for Donna to write lyrics and record vocals to and they decided a duet would work really well. Donna and Patrick have featured on a number of each other's songs but have yet to meet or even speak on the phone. Two creative minds working virtually together from afar.

"Humble & Kind"

Official Video (The Songs & Stories Collective)

The Songs & Stories Collective

Myself, Tennessee Twin & Sarah Yeo have admired each other musically for quite some times so we decided to virtually get together for a weekly chat and play some music. I came up with SONGS & STORIES COLLECTIVE so that we could expand on the online gigs. There has been a theme to each weekly broadcast and you can join us and get involved with our conversation.

You can catch up on previous episodes on YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK

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